For an Unforgettable Taste of Italy


About Lilian

Meet the inspiration and perspiration behind Roma Imports, Lilian Spieth.  Lilian has a great story to tell about realizing her American dream. She was born in India, raised in Israel, a wife and mother in Germany and is now the successful owner/architect of Roma Imports of America. How did she do it?

Lilian will tell you she has always had a passion for food. Her home has more cookbooks – most of them Italian – than the Tucson Library. People who know Lilian know there are few other gifts she cherishes so dearly.  When she bought the small wholesale Italian foods store in an industrial area in Barrio San Antonio almost twenty years ago, she could not have imagined it as it is today; a place where lovers of authentic Italian home cooking, shopping and dining could find just the right ingredients, quality, and atmosphere they were looking for. And because she is Lilian, many of her favorite recipes from all over the world are also available at Roma – from Sauerbraten, to Shepard’s Pie, to Indian Curry.  If it’s delicious, Lilian has probably perfected the recipe.

Ask for her when you come in…she’s a woman you want to meet.